July 15, 2017

To All Boat Racers

The last four years have presented significant challenges for every segment of motor sport and boat racing has been no exception.  The American Outboard Federation in particular has faced considerable adversity.  But a core group of dedicated individuals has pulled together to keep AOF alive.  Unfortunately, even with these efforts some of the services normally provided to members and clubs are temporarily on hold.

There is good news, however: The AOF insurance package has been renewed for another year.  This is the same policy that has supported AOF racing for many years.  It provides clubs with $2,000,000 of spectator liability coverage for under $500 for a full weekend of racing.

The AOF’s mission is to support boat racing, and we are committed to that mission.  If your organization is faced with canceling a race date or losing a race site because of insurance cost, email us.  We will make every effort to work with organizations in need of affordable insurance coverage so that races can continue.


Ron Baker


American Outboard Federation



 AOF Officers for 2017

President: Ron Baker:  rcbaker_38@yahoo.com
Treasurer:  Dan Surfus:  Cr43mod@yahoo.com
Secretary: Dave Loomis:  dloomis@comcast.net
National Office:  PO Box 273 Troy, ID. 83871